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To Will or to Manifest....That is the Question...

Manifestation is a word thrown around a lot but hardly ever explained properly. We know that manifesting is a good thing, and it can help us accomplish things, however, do we really know how it works and even if we are doing it correctly?

Did you know that there are actually 2 different types of energies that can happen when we are trying to manifest? One comes from spirit energy, the other comes from ego energy. One is working in our favor, and the other is created out of dis-ease. When we do not understand how to manifest correctly, we can easily fall into the wrong energy. We will call this "Willing" something into existence. This can very easily be confused with Manifesting.

Because we are truly powerful beings with the ability to create and do anything, it becomes easy to get caught up in the external world and disconnect from ourselves. When this happens and we being to create from this area of energy, we are actually manipulating our timeline in a way that does not serve our higher good. What do I mean by this?

Let's say you really really want this particular job. You want this job because it fills an ego thought process of everyone will like me because of it, I will be popular, it will make me so much money and I can show it off on social media. All reasons that keep you in the outside world (outside conscious). Then you begin to do your "manifestation" to make this job a reality, but when you do you continue to hit signs that are telling you this is not for you. However, because you are in the ego energy you completely disregard these signs and continue to move forward even if deep down inside you don't feel fully happy with what is happening. Well, remember, energy is energy, it's very black and white. Very literal. So, if you continue to push energy in this direction, eventually you may land this job.

So, what happens now? Well, because you created this new timeline that actually wasn't meant for you. This energy will now begin to almost work against you. You may start this job and hate it. While working this job, something not so great may happen to you. You may lose something, or it may cause high levels of stress that you once never had. Because you decided to "Will" something into existence and not "Manifest" it for your higher good, your end result leads to something not meant for you, and the energies will let you know it.

So, what happens when you are Manifesting? This energy comes from spirit. Spirit is the ONLY energy that knows what is going on. It is what signed your soul contract when you came into this world. Let's say it saw the Movie and is guiding you through it. The ego never saw it so has zero ideas about what's going on even if it wants to believe it does. So, when we are creating reality from spirit energy, we are creating what we need for our true selves. This is Manifestation. Here we live in constant inspiration. We are shown signs in our everyday life that we are going the right way. We feel peace and ease when we think about what is to come. Yes, we may have hiccups on the road, but they get resolved quickly, and things flow almost effortlessly together. Think of it as if you were driving down a long stretch of road with lots of traffic lights. As you are driving with Manifestation you hit almost all green lights. Sometimes you come across yellow lights that may make you slow down, but that light never stops you. Now when you are riding with ego, your road will look differently, you may get some green lights, but mostly you are crossing yellows and lots of reds.

Now I invite you to take a moment and think back on a time when you may have thought you were manifesting something, but now that we have spoken about willing, you may actually see that maybe that is what was really going on. Can you look back and see the red lights? Do you see where maybe your spirit was telling you that was not for you? What was the end result?

This is also a great time to journal about this experience in depth. Really break it down and see how if you can notice what didn't work.

Now think of a time when you Manifested something into your reality. How was that road? How did it feel? what was the end result?

Taking time to write this out with truth and transparency can help you to better understand the difference between the two energies so that you can become mindful of them the next time you want to manifest.

We are truly amazing. We can create any reality we want with simply the power of the mind and the heart. But we must also remember that just like the body when we are filling it with junk and not tending to those two areas, they become sick and murky. When this happens our powers, our light becomes dime.

Looking to learn more about the power of Manifestation? Want to learn more about yourself and even discover areas you may be blocked in?

Sending you all Love & Light.

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