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The 3 Areas of The Mind

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Did you know we have 3 areas in which our mindset lives?

These 3 mindsets are ever-shifting at any given moment, and knowing how to allow the spirit to be the one who helps navigate, can be truly life-changing. A lot of us have a very big connection between the mind and the body. Meaning, that when our minds are not right, instantly our bodies go into a state of "sickness". This can be a killer when we are trying to achieve our goals, grow in our paths, or move forward out of a season that no longer serves us. These 3 areas of the mind consist of our Negative Mind, Our Positive Mind, and our Intuitive Mind.

Here is the thing, we need these 3 different areas, which is why they were given to us as tools. However, when we allow them to run wild with no direction, we can stay in one area for far too long, and there is only 1 area where we can truly spend most of our time with

outcomes that serve our higher good. So let's break down the 3 areas because when we can better understand them, we can then become more mindful of when we enter them. This can assist us in maneuvering around.

Let's begin with the Negative Mindset where we live in worry, in the area of fear and excuses. Although this area is not a great area to be in, it is useful when it comes to times when you need to take a pause and weigh all the options. The negative mindset tells you "This may not be safe" amongst other things.

Next, we have the Positive Mindset which although a beautiful area to be in, when you stay here ego can sometimes come in, and then you can do things or make decisions that may not be so good for your path. Such as a large purchase that causes you harm in the long run.

And last we have the Intuitive Mind, here is where we want to practice living. This is because the negative mind and the positive mind can both be controlled by the ego, but the ego can never step into your intuition. This is the area where your spirit lives in. Th

e spirit is the only one who knows the way. Consider the spirit as your very personal GPS. The spirit is who signed your soul contract and who signed up for the journey. This is why we want to do whatever we can to strengthen our connection to spirit and live in the intuitive mind.

Practices that can help to build strength with your intuitive connection.

At the end of the day just knowing and most importantly understanding that we

have truly done our best and that tomorrow is another day, can help us to simply release. Living in the intuitive mind is a practice, and this is something that for best results, should be practiced daily.

No matter what mindset you may find yourself in, always remember that you are love, you are light and you are one magical and powerful badass!

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