This vegan friendly lip balm is created from the goodness of carrot and sweet almond oil. Using carnauba wax, a blend of essential oils, then finished with energy filled crystals, this is one thing you are never going to want to leave home without!


Kissable Lip Balm helps to bring hydration to your lips, leaving a refreshed and vibrant look.   With the crystal finish you will not only look good, but feel good too!


Three To Choose From

Lavendar/Amethyst- Relaxing, Calming

Peppermint/Peridot-Mind and Body Balance, Delight, Creativity, Eloquence

Grapefruit/Rose Quartz-Self Love, Compassion, Joy, Love, Empathy



Kissable Lip Balm

What Balm Is Calling To You!


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