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Say goodbye to pesky insects with our Natural Bug Spray, crafted with a blend of nature's finest ingredients. Our formula harnesses the power of essential oils and natural extracts to provide effective, safe, and refreshing protection.


Key Ingredients:

  • Vanilla Extract: Not only a delightful scent, but also a natural bug repellent.
  • Lavender Infused Oil: Known for its calming properties and insect-repelling abilities.
  • Eucalyptus Infused Witch Hazel: Combines the astringent properties of witch hazel with eucalyptus's refreshing aroma and bug-repelling qualities.
  • Peppermint Infused Witch Hazel: Adds a minty fresh scent while keeping bugs at bay.
  • Lemongrass: Offers a citrusy fragrance that naturally deters insects.



  • Natural Protection: Free from harsh chemicals, our bug spray provides safe, natural protection for you and your loved ones.
  • Pleasant Scent: Enjoy a light, refreshing aroma that's pleasing to humans but repelling to insects.
  • Skin-Friendly: Gentle on the skin, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
  • Eco-Friendly: Made with sustainably sourced ingredients and eco-conscious packaging.


How to Use: Shake well before use. Spray evenly on exposed skin and clothing, avoiding the face and eyes. Reapply as needed, especially after sweating or swimming.


Perfect For:

  • Outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and picnics.
  • Daily use during mosquito season.
  • Anyone looking for a natural alternative to chemical bug sprays.


Experience the power of nature with our Natural Bug Spray, and enjoy your time outdoors without the worry of insect bites.