The Power of Energy! Energy is all around us. Everything is made of energy. This is one big reason cleansing the energy is so important, as we tend to get stuck and not know why. From other people to even our spaces, we must clear the stale or stagnent energy that no longer serves, so we can truly thrive. This helps to keep balance not only within ourselves, but also in our environment. The energy cleansing bundle is great for your home, work space, or even when traveling. 3 different tools to use to not only cleanse the energetic vibe, but also help kill about 98% of bacteria in the air.Makes a great gift for new home, new job, or off to college!

Energy Cleansing Bundle

SKU: 0009
  • Bundle comes with..

    2oz Cleanse Room Spray.

    8oz Soy Dressed Candle 50-55hr burn time.

    Handcrafted graden grown Sage Bundle, with Rosemary, Lavendar, and Calendula.


 Boulder, CO


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