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Get that pen and paper out. It's time to set those intentions!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

I honestly can not preach enough about the power of the mind. We grow up in a world where we are taught to accept the little information that is given to us throughout our years of growing. We are taught that it is that way, and only that way. However, did you know we only use 10% of our brain on a daily basis. ONLY 10%. That is a damn shame!! What is going on with the other 90%, and why in the world are we not taught about it?!

I think the answer is, because the moment we all truly learn and use ALL the powers within us, we can no longer be controlled at a mediocre level.

So with that being said, lets talk about intentions. Lets say you already realized you are a powerful soul, and now you want to put that power into play. The first step is, learning how to set intentions, which then leads to manifestations. This can also be called reprogramming of the brain.

Everyday you can start to make it your practice, and how you do so in writing it down. Take 5-10 min of your day, and truly think about YOU, think about what you want and need to happen in your life, to be able to serve your lifes purpose. Get very detailed with it, from the color, to the smell, to the feeling of already having it. Break it into sections of your life, this makes it more focused. Set some for your career, for your family, for your love life, for school, for every aspect of your life. Take it in steps, and most importantly, do not write ANYTHING NEGATIVE down. Be strong in your words, and believe them with your whole heart and soul. Lastly, make sure you are starting each intention setting session with a grateful heart, and thanking the universe, the creator, for all the blessings you already have.

I tend to do one every Sunday to set my week, what I know I want to happen that week, and then I break it into daily, based on what is going on. I also read back to myself what I have written over and over again.

So now you might be saying to yourself "self, why in the world would I do this, what is the purpose?"

Well here is your answer. You have probably spent most of your life doubting yourself, saying you cant do something, not following through because of the fear of failing or what others might think of you. Due to this, you have been stuck, stuck in the same dead end job, stuck in the same bad relationships, stuck in a place where you do not feel pure unconditional happiness. If this you, then you have programmed your mind to see failure and negative as the norm of your life. This is why it is constantly happening over and over again, its all your mind knows.

If you want out of that life, if you want to evolve to your higher and better self, you must now make the moves to program your brain to do and believe the opposite. Now because that is easier said then done, by making intention setting a practice you do daily, and by reading it back to yourself over and over, you know are taking the steps needed for the reprogramming.

What we put out there, what we believe is what becomes our reality, so if your reality isnt exactly what you want it to be, give this practice a shot, take the steps of opening your mind, getting rid of the negative, and start using more then just that 10%. I promise you there is a whole word of possibilities once you realize your worth.

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