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Good Vibes Only!! Why cleansing ourselves and our space is so important!

Before anything, what exactly is energy? Well the dictionary states the following...

"the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity."

Wow that is kinda deep right? The strength and vitality needed to sustain our physical and mental activity or lets say health. It blows my mind how this is the definition and yet we don't discuss energy more! We do not discuss how to keep it vital and healthy, with the exception of "here drink some caffeine."

Everything and everyone is made of energy. It is all around us all the time, and it's not always a good thing. Energy can be dark, it can get stale or stagnant, and when not kept clean and clear, it can bring us down. It can block our thoughts and intuition, and it can send us spiraling in a

direction we truly do not want to go. Our mood is dictated by our energy, our drive, concentration, and even our relationships with others all stem from energy!

Lets talk Energy Vampires. Have you heard of them? Could you recognize one if they were around you? Energy vampires are people who suck and drain your emotional energy field. These people can be anyone, friends, family, even your spouse. They take advantage of your willingness to listen and care for them, and never give you a balanced exchange of energy, which is where you are left depleted. Can you recall a time when you have been around someone and once they left you just didn't feel right? Your mood had shifted and you felt just icky. You may have encounter an energy vampire.

So after learning all this, now we can truly discuss why cleansing your energy is so so soooo important. Did I mention it is sooo important? ok good! Cleansing energy within you or in your work or living space can be done in several different ways. Taking a cleansing bath with salts and herbs, doing yoga and meditation, dancing in the rain, or using cleansing tools. Another great way is to surround yourself with people who are on your same frequency and share your vibe. I recommend cleansing at least once a week. Add it to your weekly To-Do list. If you have people over, cleanse after they leave. You have no idea what they could have brought with them once they entered your space. Cleanse yourself after you have been around large groups of people, do not bring home their baggage with you. You do not need that in your life!

Cleanse your work space every morning before you start your day, and cleanse yourself after work before heading home.

Now lets talk traveling. Do you know how many people have been in that hotel room before you? Yea maybe it got a physical cleaning, but I assure you no energetic cleanse has happened. You have no idea what energy was left behind by the people before you. That energy can grab on to you and come home with you. It can ruining a trip by attaching to you and never letting go. Cleanse that room!!! Something great for travel is a cleansing spray. Just a few spritz and a nice intentions chant, and leave you and your room refreshed and ready to enjoy!

Energy is such a powerful amazing thing, that is apart of us from them moment we are born. We can exchange energy with nature, and it is beautiful. Standing in the grass barefoot, placing a hand on a tree trunk, singing with the birds as they fly above. Nature has some of the most purest forms of energy, and this is why it is so important to be in nature, spend time outside, and teach our children to do the same.

So now you know. Now you know the power of energy, the importance of keeping it clean and clear, and now you are ready to take ownership of your vibes! So remember friends....GOOD VIBES ONLY!

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