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There is so much going on behind the scenes. Your unconscious is absolutely AMAZING!!

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Do you truly know what your subconscious mind does?

Have you ever wondered?

I know its always been something that fascinated me, ever since I learned it existed. Like think about it, you have this whole conscious mind that you know about, that you use on a daily, but you also have this whole other part to your brain that is also working daily for you, just behind the scenes.

The unconscious or the subconscious mind is what creates your reality. It does more for us then our conscious mind ever will, and its number 1 purpose is to keep us safe. This portion is literally 95% of ourselves and who we are!

When we were created, we were given everything we need to heal ourselves. This is how holistic living came into play. People began to realize that we could do this. We didn't need all those medicines and mainstream things that are always being thrown at us. Think about it, we don't have to remember to breath, we don't have to remember to pump blood and continue to have it flow. Our bodies do everything they are suppose to, which keeps our bodies functioning the way they need to.

The unconscious mind has what we will call 2 blueprint of our bodies. The first one is of how the body currently is, and the second one, is of our perfectly healthy body. So with that being said, we know how to make our bodies feel, and act exactly how they were meant to. Our bodies were created and designed to be able to completely heal itself.

The unconscious part of the body is also designed to store and organize all memories, and represses memories for our own protection. This I find fascinating, because it just knows what memories will cause us harm , and simply keeps them away from our conscious mind. It is also very symbolic. A great example of this is, have you ever smelled something, and it instantly took you back to a memory you weren't even thinking about, or had thought about for a very long time, and then bam you smell that particular smell, and it all comes back to you. That is your unconscious working its beautiful magic.

Another thing I found very interesting is, that it also takes everything personally. This is the part of your brain that creates our perception. For the fact that this part of our brain also works with the least amount of effort, it takes the short cuts to every destination, and does not do the working of shifting through thoughts.

So with that being said, it also does not recognize negative. So when you hear us say you must always think positively, and use positive words in your affirmations, and manifestations, this is the reason.

An example so this tell your child Don't touch that..they process touch that.

It needs clear and strong directions in a series of repetition. So when you hear 21 days to form a habit. That is 100% correct, and that is your unconscious at work! Saying I AM Strong..I AM WORTH, begins the program, but then when you follow it with...WHY am I strong, why am I worthy, let your unconscious fill in the blanks with positive reasons. This now makes it even stronger in your thoughts and beliefs.

These are just some of the amazing things our mind and unconscious does for us. It is programmed to consistently want to learn more. This is also why we as humans are constantly evolving. I've always said, no one changes, we are who we are, however we are always evolving. So never be afraid to do new things, visit new places, start new projects. We were designed to do so!

Knowing you have the power to not only create your reality, but also heal yourself, is a very strong power to hold. So the next time you think your life means nothing, or your worth nothing. Take a minute and truly understand what you are programming your unconscious to do and feel, and know that the only reason that is happening, is because you created it into existence. The key to manifestation is your unconscious mind, so seriously start to check your thoughts, and how you speak things into your life.

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