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At Livin’ Boho we believe that each person was born connected even if many may have lost grasp on how this connection works. Our mission is to help those who seek to dig deeper, gain a better understanding of themselves, their body, mind and spirit.

Join us to learn how to treat the body instead of the illness, with mindful healing and handcrafted products created by Mindful Herbal Therapist Cristina Barreto.

Livin’ Boho is not only an apothecary, but a true way of life where we help you find that connection to self once more. In a conventional world, let us inspire you to explore the unconventional.


Livin’ Boho - Be Unapologetically You!

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Using my favorite product from Prakriti, coffee scrub! I love the way it feels when I wash away the coffee grinds and my face is so moisturized and smooth. I feel so refreshed and the best part is the smell off coffee stays on my skin. It’s divine!! I’ve been noticing acne scars lessening from using this regularly. 

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When I was pregnant I was told by so many people that stretch marks were going to happen. My mom and sister had them so I thought there was no way around it. Well let me tell you! I have NO STRETCH MARKS!

My regimen was Blemish Be Gone. My whole pregnancy I would put this on my belly, back, chest and sides every night. I only has to use two jars the whole time because a little goes a long way. What I love best is it's all natural! I mean you can read the ingredients, pronounce them, and know what you are actually putting on your body. So huge shout out to Livin' Boho for this life savor and helping this mama look her best!

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As someone who suffers from psoriasis it's hard finding cleaning products that won't dry out my skin let alone find a moisturizer good enough to last all day and hide the flakes. After a few days of using Prakriti I can already see and feel the difference. My skin is clear, smooth and stays hydrated all night and day. I have also used the laundry detergent and was not disappointed in the least! I truly love all of these products and can't wait to see what new products will come in the future.


Anne Marie

(Therapy Client)

The Foundations program has completely changed my life. Before I began this journey I was depressed, physically sick, and was unable to feel any joy despite all the blessings around me. Cristina is such a gem! She’s highly intuitive and full of wisdom. She guided me through the program, holding a safe space for me to heal and giving me the tools to continue to cultivate my new found spiritual practice. This program has not only helped me, but it has also dramatically improved all my relationships with my family and friends. After going through the Foundations program with Cristina, I no longer live in physical chronic pain and I am able to feel the abundance of joy that surrounds me once again!  Thank you Cristina!



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